An island in the sea yes, but not only. We will first talk about the specificities of the islands.

The difference between an island and the mainland

Islands are usually found in the oceans and are surrounded by water on all sides. Continental lands, on the other hand, are large tracts of land attached to other continents.

One of the main differences between the islands and the mainland is their size. Islands are usually much smaller than the mainland. This is because islands are formed by volcanoes or other geological processes, which often results in a smaller piece of land. The mainland, on the other hand, can be quite large, as it is not bounded by any body of water.

Another difference between the islands and the mainland is the climate. Islands tend to have a tropical climate, because they are located near the equator. This means that it is mostly hot and humid on an island. The mainland can have a variety of different climates depending on its location. For example, Europe has a temperate climate while Africa has a tropical climate.


Calvi, citadel



Corsica is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is about the size of Rhode Island and is located between France and Italy. The island has a long and rich history dating back to the Roman Empire.
It was under the reign of Emperor Augustus that the Romans first conquered Corsica in 27 B.C. Roman rule over Corsica lasted for nearly six centuries until the fall of the empire in 476 A.D. After the fall of Rome, Corsica was taken by the Vandals. The reign of the Vandals lasted only a few years until they were defeated by the Byzantine Empire in 534 AD.
Byzantine rule lasted for over two centuries until they were defeated by Moorish invaders in 708 AD. The Moors ruled for only a few decades before being driven out by a revolt led by Count Pepin of Italy in 774 AD.



My family is Corsican. We are a people passionate about our heritage and culture. We are proud of our history and traditions. We are a close-knit community and we support each other against all odds. Corsicans are known for our strong family values, and we take care of our own.

We are a people who believe in hard work and determination. We are also a people who like to have fun. We know how to enjoy life and how to make the most of every situation.

The Corsicans are a people rich in culture and history. They are proud of their heritage and have a strong sense of identity. Corsicans are known for their hospitality and generosity, and are always willing to help those in need. They are also fiercely independent and have a strong sense of justice, which used to be expressed through conciliations or Vindettas if other avenues could not succeed.

Corsicans are well known for their hospitality. When you visit a Corsican home, you will be welcomed with open arms and a warm smile. The host will do everything possible to make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need. They will also offer you a traditional Corsican meal, which is usually a hearty dish full of fresh, local ingredients.

This hospitality extends not only to visitors, but also to strangers. If you need help on the island, chances are someone will be more than happy to give you a hand. This sense of community and mutual aid is one of the things that makes Corsica such a special place.

So, if you are looking for a place where you can relax and enjoy truly wonderful hospitality, then Corsica is the ideal destination for you.

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An island in the sea yes, but not only. We will first talk about the specificities of islands. The difference between an island and the mainland Islands are generally found in the oceans and are surrounded by water of all kinds.