Morazzini Pietri Tower:
A History of Reinvention and Authenticity

An important chapter in my life came to life within the walls of "La Tour", my childhood home. An upheaval prompted me to return to my roots, to rediscover the family stories that resonate in every stone of this home.


In the early 2000s, the need to restore this house steeped in history led to a bold decision: to rent out the main residence, "The noble floor. Classified ads in daily newspapers were the first gateway to this adventure, long before the Internet began weaving its own narrative threads.


There's an important chapter in my life that came to life within the walls of "The Towermy childhood home. An upheaval prompted me to return to my roots, to rediscover the family stories that resonate in every stone of this home.

My daily life: Weaving Family and Sharing


Over the years, my life has become intertwined between family and work, but also between the tranquility of the village and the vitality of my role as host. Sharing the daily life of the village and the unsuspected treasures of the Isle of Beauty became a matter of course.



It's in the village rhythm, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, that I find the inspiration to be the architect of this vacation. Informing, sharing and immersing my guests in our island life is a daily pleasure, a legacy handed down from generation to generation.

The House: A Journey in Three Acts

"La Tour" is more than just a house. It's a place for living, sharing and remembering. In three acts, discover the different atmospheres of "La Tour":


  • La Casa Poli : A warm tribute to my grandfather, where the old wine press is transformed into an intimate loft. The cocooning, farniente atmosphere blossoms in a large courtyard and a cabin steeped in history.


  • La Casa du Lion : A romantic apartment where relaxation reigns supreme. Sleep under the protection of the lion, the family's ancestral emblem, in a zen and relaxing atmosphere.


  • La Casa Nobile : A journey back in time with a 17th-century fresco, a breathtaking sea view and a luxurious ambience that transports you to a bygone era. Let yourself be carried away by the historic charm of this extraordinary residence.


"La Tour" is much more than a house. It's an invitation to a journey where each chapter tells an authentic story, steeped in the deep roots of Corsica.

Welcome home, welcome to "La Tour".

The stay

Treat yourself to the luxury of immersion in another lifestyle.
Close to the city of Bastia (9km) and public transport (a few hundred meters to Erbalunga).
Come and break away from the daily routine in a place full of history, it's the return to the essential!
Let yourself be rocked by a timeless stay.

Reasons of authority and legitimacy

Deep Roots : "La Tour" emerges from my family roots, rooted in the centuries-old history of Corsica, offering an authentic experience imbued with a deep identity.

Passionate Rehabilitation : The meticulous renovation undertaken in the early 2000s bears witness to my passion for "La Tour", transforming a family home into a unique residence imbued with meaning.

Success history : The evolution of "La Tour" is marked by a trajectory of success, beginning with the rental of "L'étage noble" and culminating with the acquisition of the first floor in 2020.

Authenticity preserved : The complete renovation was carried out without compromising on authenticity, preserving the essence of the house while shaping it to meet modern needs.

Personal involvement : My daily life, divided between family, work and sharing our island life, illustrates a deep personal commitment to every aspect of "La Tour".

A Meaningful Project : "La Tour" is not simply a property, but a meaningful project weaving links between past and present.

In-depth knowledge : My role as host is more than just to welcome guests. It's an authentic sharing of village life and the island's hidden treasures, based on an in-depth knowledge of our culture.

Variety of atmospheres : The three distinct ambiances - Casa Poli, Casa du Lion, and Casa Nobile - offer varied, unique experiences imbued with a personal atmosphere.

Cultural immersion : "La Tour" is not just a place to stay, but an open door to cultural immersion, where every element tells a story and creates an emotional connection.

Personalized hospitality : who are happy to inform guests and share island life in an authentic way. Each stay becomes a unique experience, a chapter engraved in the history of "La Tour".

Shared Values

Shared conviviality: A warm, friendly atmosphere permeates every corner of "La Tour," creating a space where you instantly feel at home.

Authenticity at its heart: A shared quest for authentic experiences, where every detail of "La Tour" tells a story and celebrates Corsican traditions.

Exchange and Sharing: The desire to share not just a place, but stories, local tips and moments of island life.

Living to the rhythm of Corsica: a quieter life, anchored in village life.

Cultural pride: Corsican culture, expressed through celebrations, the sharing of traditions, and moments of communion.

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